Jacqui is not teaching yoga at this time, but please check back.

There are many forms of Yoga practice today in the West.

Since each person has a unique physical constitution and psychological nature, it is most beneficial to choose a form that is most appropriate for your individual needs.

Jacqui generally teaches a gentle Hatha yoga flow style. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology rooted in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, as well as her personal practice experience, helps her to safely guide and assist others in their yoga practice.


Jacqui’s Personal Experience with Yoga

My exploration of holistic health and Eastern spirituality first began at age 16 when I discovered Hatha yoga. At that point in my teenage years, I was experiencing a great deal of emotional angst and as well as significant health challenges. It was through the practice of yoga, along with the support of holistic health care, that I was able to heal and shift the direction of my life.

As my practice deepened, I came to understand that yoga encompassed much more than mastering physical postures. Yoga, together with Ayurveda- it’s sister science, are complete and interrelated systems that teach the art and science of living in balance, which is considered a prerequisite for awakening higher consciousness and finding deep, lasting contentment.

These studies helped me to better understand how my way of living, i.e. my daily patterns of eating, speaking, thinking, relaxing, breathing, and moving my body, etc. could directly affect my not only my physical well-being, but also my mental attitude and potential for spiritual growth.

In effort to share the wisdom and joy that yoga has brought into my life with others, in 2007 I completed my yoga instructor training and certification, and began teaching in Philadelphia. With my relocation to the Eastern Shore, I am happy to re-connect with the yoga community that was so influential in the beginning of my journey.





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